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Botanical Beauty

Shugar Soapworks makes a wide-range of products using all-natural 100% vegetable ingredients, keeping the ingredients close to the earth as natural soap was intended to be. Each of our Shugar soap bars contain a rich blend of pure essential oils, plant-based ingredients and natural fragrances to lift your spirits without the guilt of harming your skin or the environment.

Because we don’t have to mask the unsightly smell of animal fat used in most bar soaps, we’re able to enrich our Shugar soap bars with natural flavors of lavender, strawberry and sweet flavors of cupcakes. Enjoy a Shugar soap bar’s rich lather and moisturizing oils to achieve the closest shave while keeping your skin vibrant and supple.

Main ingredients in Shugar Soaps

Sodium Palmate - sodium salt of acids derived from palm oil
Sodium Palm Kernelate - sodium salt of the acids derived from palm kernel oil
Glycerin - a clear liquid humectant that moisturizes

Water - the primary ingredient in just about every skin care product
Fragrance - containing natural and synthetic ingredients that simply makes our soap nicer to use
Pentasodium Pentetate - a chelating agent that inactivates water hardness and other metallic ions in water

Organic and Eco-friendly – The Environment

Shugar Soapworks is dedicated to the environment and keeping California green. That’s why we don’t use any animal fats or plastic in our soaps and keepsake boxes. And because we are the only soap manufacturing company west of the Mississippi, this makes us the only soap manufacturer in California to stay local and sustain jobs. With employee loyalty of 15 years or more, we not only provide an exceptional working experience, but we all care about the products we produce.

Every one of us at Shugar Soapworks, believes in the same cause – to provide you with healthy, clean soap while protecting animals and the environment from unnecessary harm.

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