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Our Story: A Passion for Soap Making

Shugar Soapworks started from a strong belief that vegetable derived and Eco-friendly Bath and Body products should work as well (if not better) than conventional products. Dan Shugar, founder of Shugar Soapworks, set out to create products that are healthy, scented naturally, and were unbeatable in quality.

Sticking to the basics, Shugar products are free of animal fat, animal byproducts, harmful chemicals and excessive artificial fragrances. We keep our products simple yet luxurious.

Packed For Devotion

At Shugar Soapworks, we believe in both quality and the environment. We use only 100% biodegradable soaps and recyclable packaging. But don’t think we skim on quality.

For Shugar Soapworks, the packaging is not secondary, but goes hand-in-hand in the overall experience. Our one-of-a-kind keepsake boxes tell a story of exquisite beauty and delicacy. Give the gift of health and beauty for ourselves and our earth.


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